Using GLFW with Vulkan on macOS


I was just wondering if there is any plans to update glfw to include Vulkan related thing on macOS now that the Khronos group have released MoltenVK as open source that allows you to program in Vulkan on macOS/iOS and it compiles to Metal under the hood. I was following a tutorial about setting up glfw and Vulkan on windows and copied some code, but I’ve noticed certain things like


aren’t even considered if the platform is APPLE


glfw suppurts MoltenVK just fine. Maybe you are using old version?
glfw3.h header file references MoltekVK name in multiple places, for example:

Check out also these issues for more information on MoltenVK support:

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Ah I was using the homebrew version of glfw, of which the current stable build is 3.2.1, it looks like all the new moltenVK stuff is in the master branch like you pointed out but not yet considered stable build that you get with homebrew, I imagine it will arrive in 3.3. I’ve build my own 3.3 dylib version of glfw I’ll see how far I get with that. Thanks