Touch Screen input

Hi, Im writing a cnc interpreter - i have most of what i need, mouse input working,
keyboard input working.
i cant get window to open in full screen mode and stay fixed/locked. probably something real simple
that ive missed and cant see for looking at it for ages.
i have finally purchased a touchscreen monitor.
is glfw able to use one (mouse callbacks?) - thanks in advance

Hi Hellerzal,

welcome to the GLFW forum.

I’m not sure what you mean - do you mean your application is going fullscreen and then going back to windowed?

Touchscreens usually output mouse messages in addition to touch messages. GLFW supports mouse innput via both callbacks and through functions to get the current state.

thanks for response - will hook it up and give it a try

Hi, sorry ive not got the hang of this i thought there were two responders
Regarding the Full Screen issue.

I can get a windowed screen, which can then be set to open to full screen size,
i want it to start in full screen mode . and fix it so it cant be changed by the user.

I don’t want it to be re-sizable


To create a window in fullscreen see the documentation:

You can use the window creation hint GLFW_RESIZABLE set to GLFW_FALSE to make the window non re-sizeable, and you can use GLFW_AUTO_ICONIFY set to GLFW_FALSE to specifies that the full screen window will not automatically iconify and restore the previous video mode on input focus loss. See the documentation at:

Hope this helps.

Hi, Many Thanks,
Tried to set up touchscreen, but it wont run. that’s a driver issue and will wait - so i cant test
out mouse feedback for touchscreens.

The Documents you highlighted, i had seen before, but misunderstood i guess… so need to check again - it takes me time to absorb stuff.

But once again many thanks for your help