Question about mac ARM support

I have downloaded the macOS pre-compiled binaries. I am just wondering which version do I link to. x86, or universal? My application is OpenGL and is compiled on Xcode as x86-64. I need it to work on ARM macs, but I’m not sure if glfw supports that. Unfortunately, I do not have an ARM mac, so I have no way of testing.

Universal. GLFW doesn’t depend on any architecture-specific code, so yes, it works on ARM, and there’s no problems of that kind with it. There are however some differences in the bugs in GLFW on AMD64 vs AArch64, but those are caused by Apple’s own frameworks.

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Hi ws9090, thanks for the answer.
BTW, do you have a link to the bugs that you mentioned?

MacOS related bugs on Github should give you some clues. There’s not too many of them, so you should be able to find some that only apply to one architecture, there.

Overall, there’s frame-buffer related bugs, and OpenGL related bugs more prevalent on ARM, as OpenGL was deprecated years ago, and the ARM implementation requires new code.

You will likely find that the bugs also occur if you run x86_64 in Rosetta 2.