XInput mapping missing from GLFW release 3.3.5

From troubleshooting a lot of different options, I believe that the mapping for XInput for GLFW that is referenced on the gamepad mapping page is no longer included in either GLFW or SDL_GameControllerDB.

The joystick appears, but there is no mapping available for that GUID.

Did you build from source? The cmake script downloads from this SDL_GameControllerDB link which seems correct. There is a custom target update_mappings which needs to be built, which updates src/mappings.h. This works for me.

The source release for 3.3.5 also appears to contain a src/mappings.h file with a long list of mappings - I’ve not checked the binary releases but they should have been built from this source. If you see them missing let me know which binary version you’ve got so I can check that.

If you are missing a particular GUID, and if it’s missing in SDL_GameControllerDB then it should be submitted to that repo.

There is a bug in 3.3.5 that caused already connected joysticks to not get gamepad mappings associated with them.

Will make a 3.3.6 release with this fix as soon as possible.

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3.3.6 is out now and hopefully works better.