In the wake of 3.3, I've updated the gamecontrollerdb

I went ahead and merged pretty much all the PRs from the abandoned main repo. I’ve also scoured the internets and added mappings from the Brutal Legends and King of Fighters XIV threads, as well as other places. I’ve updated and added the (very high quality) mappings from the SDL header itself. I wasn’t sure if you were using their header, so just in case your not, they are in there.

There are also new checks, and automated tools in the provided script. Everything is converted to 2.0.5 GUIDs. Travis checks for duplicates as well as other new things. The db now has about 370 mappings and no duplicates.

Please send PRs with new mappings :slight_smile: If you want to modify a mapping, please open an issue instead to discuss the problems your having.
Good day


I’ve added a 2.0.5 release, which doesn’t contain the 2.0.6 inversion and range modifiers.

The upstream has a lot of good new mappings and fixes (which requires the new features). Hopefully GLFW adds support for the modifiers someday. Cheers!