Windows 2000 support

I’m developing 3d applications for windows 2000 and windows 1998 and interested in compatability.
GLFW being available on many platforms, is there any plans in the future to encorportate GLFW support to the classic versions of Windows?

edit* Windows 95 would be amazing too!

The current earliest version of Windows supported is Windows XP:

GLFW removed compatibility for earlier versions of Windows in version 3:

So if you would like to use GLFW on earlier versions of Windows I would use version 2:

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Thanks for the help!
Il did not know about version 2 and it supports windows 95!
Now ive got to figure out a way to get vulkan running on glfw 2.

I don’t think there are any GPU drivers which support Windows 95 and Vulkan - OpenGL has the best compatibility, and you’ll want to stick with a fairly low version, as the first revision, 1.1, was introduced in 1997.

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OpenGl 1.1 with glfw 2 seems to be the optimal choice then, 1.1 should be all I need as the old computer hardware won’t be able to run anything advanced like raytracing anyway. Maybe I could even include both glfw 2 and 3 in the same project and decide which to use based on queries, this is great help. Thanks!