Weird Window Focus and Blank Screen Issues on GTX 760

Hi All,

I have no way of confirming if this is a GLFW issue or a bug in my code since it’s happening on a user’s machine, but I suspect it is related to GLFW since the issue revolves around windows and window focus.

On the GTX 760 we have a user reporting the following:

  • At 1600x1200 the game launches fine, but if the fullscreen window loses focus the whole screen goes black. Also, when attempting to exit the game, it locks up on the black screen and does not fully close. Game audio can still be heard though, meaning the app did not crash.
  • At 1600x1024 and 1600x900 the game flickers a lot, but the window focus and blank screen issues do not occur.
  • When the user tries to stream the game to an NVidia Shield tablet, the blank screen is on the tablet, but on the desktop everything runs fine and the window focus issues go away.

I’m super confused and not sure where to start. Also I currently don’t have access to a GTX 760, which doesn’t help.
So I’m wondering if anybody else has seen anything like before?

I’ve not seen this before, and the NVidia Shield and flickering issue makes me think that the problem is related to the NVidia Shield GameStream system.

However one thing which could be the cause of black screens after you loose focus for a fullscreen window is improper handling of the size event, as then a fullscreen window minimizes and the window size goes to (0,0). I once had a bug where using this size to control the camera via mouse input caused a divide by zero introducing NaNs into my transform. This didn’t happen all the time as usually I stopped processing input before the size was set.

Interesting… Thanks Doug.
I’ll review our size event handling code.