Signal for dragging app

cozman wrote on Sunday, June 13, 2004:

I have my application’s internal timer pause when the app loses focus, but if the title bar is held down or the app is dragged, no focus loss is recorded, which is probably correct behavior since the application doesn’t lose focus.  Would it be possible to get a glfwGetWindowParam(GLFW_PAUSED) or similar, or is there another way for me to detect when the title bar has been grabbed.

The problem is that execution is stalled, so if my timer continues to run, when focus returns all objects using time based movement will jump forward all at once, causing major headaches.  The pausing on drag can be seen in the following demo (assume normal initialization).

int i=0;
    std::cout << ++i << std::endl;

(btw if it matters this is being done on Windows w/ glfw 2.4.2)

marcus256 wrote on Wednesday, July 07, 2004:

There is currently no mean for detecting this. It may be a problem with how Windows handles moving and sizing of windows (blocking).

It IS possible to detect window resize events during resizes for instance (check your Internet browser), but it has not been implemented in GLFW yet due to some difficulties. It would be VERY nice if I could make GLFW continue to process events and do GL rendering while moving or sizing windows - but as I said, it has not been done yet. It would not change the GLFW API, only the GLFW core.