Resize callback stall

tuomlarsen wrote on Friday, January 09, 2015:


I’m very new to this OpenGL thing and to GLFW as well.

I’m trying to display a simple triangle and it works! However, the problem is that when I resize the window by dragging the lower-right corner nothing happens (not even the redrawing, i.e. various artifacts show up) during the dragging, until I release the mouse button. I’m on MacOS X and using GLFW 3.0.4.

I set up the “glfwSetWindowSizeCallback()” handler and it gets called, like this:

static void window_size_callback(GLFWwindow *window, int width, int height) {
glViewport(0, 0, width, height);
printf(“was called\n”);

I read that it is caused by the OS event loop and I verified the supplied examples, all of which exhibit the said behavior.

Please, how do I make it “live” resize? Are there any examples of this?