Preview features

I’m thinking that a way to speed up development of GLFW, and gather more feedback, is to introduce preview features to the library. Currently, features that are not fully and completely implemented for all platforms, remain in separate branches, and these receive far less testing and feedback than they could get. By moving them into the main branch as preview features, we reserve the ability to change them at any time, and more people get the chance to test it. Not only that; many of the experimental features aren’t even much discoverable. It requires either having looked for it yourself, or following the GLFW repository on Github, reading through all the notifications that pop up from time to time. Preview features similar to how Oracle has preview APIs in OpenJDK, would be a great way to broaden the audience and testers. It also puts less strain on the developers, as it’ll be perfectly fine to change the API until it’s moved from the preview state to a stable state.

In addition, these features can be tested by those using GLFW through wrappers such as LWJGL, from where using GLFW from source is too complicated.
It may also attract more people to write implementations, if they like a feature that’s not implemented for their preferred platform.