Some questions

nobody wrote on Monday, June 26, 2006:

Hi there, I see that GLFW hasn’t been updated for a long time, does it mean that the development has stopped for good? I really like the general features of the framework, but being an average user I don’t want to be stuck with some bug, which obviously will not be fixed. So the question would be - can I trust GLFW and use it as is, hoping for some future releases?
And another question about compiling on different platforms. Never done that myself, and after searching around I found that it can be quite confusing. If I’d be using C, then I could just compile GLFW staticly into program, but what if I want to port application written on Free Pascal, which uses Delphi binding of framework? Will I need to compile GLFW into a library for another system, e.g. Linux or Mac OS?

elmindreda wrote on Wednesday, June 28, 2006:

No, development of GLFW continues, with a small community growing up around the glfw-dev mailing list. The branch being developed is not yet official, however. This will be resolved soon.

Instructions for building and installing the GLFW library on the various supported platforms are included in the readme.html file in your source tree.