Features of GLFW 3.0

uthegental wrote on Friday, October 31, 2008:

I have read that GLFW 3.o is being developed. What are the features of that version? And when it will be available?

dalfy wrote on Saturday, November 01, 2008:

It is true that GLFW 3.0 is under development, there is some progress made on it on time to time but we really don’t know yet when it will be available. Now that the annoying part of the answer has been given, let’s focus on the interesting parts:

Here is a list of the feature we try to add to glfw in the version 3.0:
- Multiple window: As of now, glfw can manage one window per process. It is nice but some application would definitely like to create more. This is the focus of the 3.0 branch.
- CMake build process (being ported to the old branch as well)
- Doxygen generated documentation
- Removal of out of context code:
- Thread API
- Image API
- Support for undecorated window in window mode
- Mechanisms to integrate glfw window into other applications

More have been discussed but that’s about the main feature I have in mind right now. I think an extended list have been sent on the mailing list. But those are more like 3.1 features than 3.0 ones.
- Better discovery of the desktop configuration (multi-screen/screen rotation/etc)
- Timer events
- support for non X base OpenGL context on os which usually use XWindow (UNIX)
- allowing for other event system such as OIS, OpenInpu, etc.