I'm worried that my pull request was forgotten

Hi everyone,

About a month ago I fixed a bug in GLFW that caused the function keys not to be read in X11. There hasn’t been any activity on it ever since, and I’m not used to waiting this long for getting pull requests reviewed, especially for a serious bug like this one.

So this post serves as a heads-up in hopes that someone will take an action on it.

Alternatively, if you can explain why this pull request won’t be merged, I’ll be OK with that too. I just want to see some kind of activity about this from the maintainers.

Hi ZenulAbidin,

You commented that “Also, this bug is not present in the latest release.” - if the bug is not present in the latest release, is the pull request needed for any other urgent reason?

Note that it can take a while for a pull request to get merged due to the amount of on-going work. Some of mine have taken many months to merge.



OK, so at least it’s normal for things here to take a few weeks to merge :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested in helping out with the Wayland port. Do you know how I can get started?

There’s a GLFW contribution guide on Github which has some information on contributing features and fixes.

Generally I look at the GLFW issues list and then add a comment that I could try to fix the issue, followed by a pull request linked to that issue. There’s sometimes some discussion about the changes.