How to use the fix for the infamous window resize issue?

In this github pull request it was stated a fix was issued in GLFW to fix the infamous window resize issue, the one where rendering stops until the window had finished resizing… However, I am new to GLFW and am not sure of how to use the fix… Can someone tell what exactly changed and how to use it?

This change has not been merged into GLFW as yet, so if you want to use it you would need to use the branch from @mmozeiko:

The description of what is changed is in the first post of the pull request.

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Oh ok, when can I expect it to be merged with the official repository? I want to stick to stable releases as much as possible?

As a open source community driven project it’s very difficult to give any estimate of when (or if) this will be merged.

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Ok, thank you for your answers!