Drawing to any X11 window

I’m developing an unofficial port of WallpaperEngine for Linux (https://github.com/Almamu/linux-wallpaperengine/tree/opengl-port for anyone curious). In order to draw on the background I have to draw in a specific X11 Window so I can show my background (this varies depending on if you’re running a compositor or not, what DE you’re running, etc…, but the simplified version is to find the root window and draw to it, kind of like feh or mpv does). I’ve had this implemented in previous versions of the software when I was using Irrlicht, but now using glfw to manage the window I’m a bit lost.

I’ve looked at the documentation but I only see functions to create a new window but not to draw to a specific window and I don’t seem to find any project that uses glfw that way so I’m not really sure If glfw is really even something useful for this or I should be doing things differently.

Any help is appreciated because I’m kind of lost! Thanks in advanced.

There isn’t support for this yet, but there is an issue tracking the feature:

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Thanks for the information! I’ll check the issue and see If there’s anything I can do to help with it.