glfwMakeContextCurrent MFC

Hello All,
Im very new to openGL. I have watched many tutorials now and have some basic legacy openGL implementations of simple projects. However we are trying to update our functions to Modern GL. I have all my lib imported, glue, glwf all in the project and working. However my issue is a little tough. Im trying to little by little take our legacy code and update and have them both working together during development. Right now im stuck on getting the glfwMakeContextCurrent() to work with an MFC CView. if i do a GLwindow it opens up a new window and i need it to work with an existing view within the MFC project. Can anyone help or point me in a direction that makes sense.

Hi @MikeVirnelson welcome to the GLFW forums!

GLFW cannot currently create a context in an already created Window, but there is an open issue on implementing this feature along with a prototype implementation on Windows: