Why GLFW doesn't use raw input on Windows (WM_INPUT)?

jora-pupkin wrote on Wednesday, February 19, 2014:

Now i want to find the best library for cross-platform window & input managment. GLFW is a good choice: nice API, clean and simple code. But after input system investigations I found, that GLFW uses WM_CHAR/WM_KEY*/WM_SYSKEY* and other messages. It is slow. For low latency input only raw input is correct choice on Windows. Reasons:
-low latency - WM_INPUT is underlying message for others
-simple - one message for keyboard and mouse (but can be a problem for non ASCII input)
-valid way for high DPI mouse handling
-my favorite FPS pro-game Quakelive used it :slight_smile:
-ability to disable legacy messages for preventing message queue pollution

So my question is:
Do you planning to add support for raw input? If yes - when? If no - why?

P.S. Library is really, really very good :slight_smile:

jora-pupkin wrote on Wednesday, March 19, 2014:

No answer… so sad :(((((