DirectInput support on Windows?

nobody wrote on Thursday, March 18, 2004:

This would be a welcome addition to GLFW as Win32 API for input is pretty slow for fast action games.

Also, it is difficult to process multiple keypresses using Win32.

marcus256 wrote on Thursday, March 18, 2004:

Prove it :)  I have not seen any evidence of this being true yet.

My triangle example (lowest GL overhead I can think of) gives a stable 1850-1880 FPS, regardless if I bang the keyboard as hard as I can or if I leave it alone.

I believe that the latence is negligable (however, I have not been able to measure this properly - but my experience tells me it’s A OK).

Also, every single complaint that I have had about issues with multiple key presses have turned out to be related to hardware limitations (i.e. exactly the same results with GLFW as with DirectInput).

My point is: if DirectInput isn’t necessary I wont include support for a special API that MS wants me to use, just to break compability with e.g. old NT stations and non-MS compilers.