Support for EGLDevice (headless/no X server, off-screen rendering)

Hey all!

I am currently working on a down-stream project in reinforcement learning and we’re trying to modify an LWJGL 3 application linking against GLFW to run headless (no X server, using EGLDevice). After looking around quite a bit it looks like others have attempted to develop such an extension for GLFW, but development appears to be largely abandoned (,

Our team does not have the background and is not well suited to implement this feature for GLFW, but we are deeply interested in seeing it finished. I am wondering if there was any plan for this feature going forward, and if not, if anyone would be willing to finish it for a bounty (i.e. payment for its completion!).

If this is a possibility, please let me know!

William Guss
Carnegie Mellon University