OpenGL 3.3 on Intel HD605

I know that this is not GLFW specific, but as I am using GLFW and think that people here may have the info:
If I try to create a OpenGL 3.3 window on the quite recent 9th generation Intel celeron J4115 with UHD 600 said to be OpenGL 4.6 compatible, will I get an error message about the fact that OpenGL 3.3 is not available?
I tried some years ago, with an onboard intel that was certified >OpenGL 3.3 and it showed this error.
I’d like to know before buying a mini-PC with this CPU.
Thank you

You didn’t mention the OS you’d be using, and driver support does depend on the OS, though in this case I believe both the Windows and Linux drivers should support OpenGL 4.6

Intel hardware has had OpenGL 3.3+ support since Gen 7 in Ivy Bridge (HD4000 ), though the drivers did take some time in achieving full compatibility.

Checking seems to confirm that the OpenGL version supported by UHD 600 devices is indeed 4.6 when using the latest drivers.

Sorry yes it is under Windows 10. So if the drivers are OpenGL 3.3 ready, that’s perfect, thank you very much.
This is a really light 3D project, the performance is not an issue (interface of a jukebox, the PC will be connected to a touch screen with button menus and little 3D animations in the background), and it was important to reduce the costs.
Thanks again