New Emscripten / glfw port


Although it is still in its early stages of development I wanted to share the project I am currently working on: an emscripten/glfw port written in C++.

The project is fully free/open source and is available on github. It includes a live demo demonstrating the capabilities of the port at this time (the live demo will be updated as the project evolves).

Hope this can be of interest to someone else.

Feedback and comments are more than welcome.

Thank you

I wanted to update this thread since I have now reached 1.0 of the project. I am pretty happy with the result.

You can check the pretty comprehensive documentation and the main README which contains links to several live examples/demos.

The “main” demo demonstrates pretty much all supported features.

I wanted to make another update in this thread because now it has become super easy to use this new port with emscripten:

emcc --use-port=contrib.glfw3 main.cpp -o build/index.html

No need to check out the code, no need to deal with CMake, defines, etc…

And coming soon, support for GLFW 3.4 (once I have finalized the platform define issue…)