Idea of a Vulkan-Style GLFW wrapper (VKFW)

Hello GLFW discourse community,

I had some fun reviewing the GLFW source code and was struck by how litte of it often is used for Vulkan applications, so I thought it would make sense to create a kind of sister library to GLFW for strictly Vulkan applications that don’t need GL context handling, and thought the name VKFW would be neat for that. Also, this could be a nice opportunity to not the kind of jarring mixture of Vulkan CreateInfos and glfwWindowHints (which obviously were made to look like glHint’s). I made a small prototype of that idea, as a wrapper around GLFW 3.4, on this repo:

I would be interested if people find the idea interesting, and what they think of the code, especially of the interface, but also of its implementation. I hadn’t that much chance to test it yet, but want to get to that as well obviously, but since I’m not a professional programmer this is more a side activity for me, so I can’t say for sure when I can put more time into it, I mostly worked on this as a relaxing side exercise this week, I hope it is still somewhat interesting.

I would be interested in any suggestions people who have more experience in GLFW and/or Vulkan have, and also if this would be the right place to post this, or where would be a better place for ideas like this.

With regards,
Hypatia of Sva.