glfwCreateWindowSurface() method unavailable Vulkan

Hello there!

I’ve installed and compiled the libraries with Vulkan support, but when I try to call this method is not available.

Taking a look into the glfw3.h I see in grey #if defined(VK_VERSION_1_0) and all the methods below the sentence, including glfwCreateWindowSurface(…).

So if I open the declaration for the macro, in vulkan.h apparently is fine:

#define VK_VERSION_1_0 1

I’m a bit stucked because I have no idea what it’s happening here :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, fixed!.

In glfw3.h header the Vulkan include is #include <vulkan/vulkan.h> and it’s not finding my vulkan header… :slight_smile:

my bad

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