Can't find glfwCreateWindowSurface function

Hello ! I am trying to create a basic Vulkan renderer using GLFW !
I’m following this website : Vulkan Tutorial

But the thing is at a certain chapter, it tells me to create a Vulkan Surface, fetching the window’s surface using the function glfwCreateWindowSurface.

Problem here : this function is not defined. I have no idea where to find it ! Any idea ?

It might be that you have an old version of glfw from before that function was added. Can you confirm what version you are using? You might need to download and install a newer release from the GitHub:

I checked with with glfwGetVersionString, im using 3.2.1

Have you read the GLFW Vulkan guide?

In particular you need to add a define prior to your include:

#include <GLFW/glfw3.h>
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Well i read it before but didnt see this paragraph :s
Thank you ! Btw my IDE still dont see the function but it compiles