Monitor goes black when glfwSwapBuffers is called

This is a very strange issue. I’ve used this skeleton code on other platforms (Windows, macOS) but when I run it on Linux (Debian, amdgpu drivers) the entire screen goes black (almost like it’s changing the resolution, but that doesn’t make any sense). Here is a Pastebin of the code I’m using. I use libepoxy for OpenGL functions.

If I call glfwSwapInterval(0) then the window opens normally. If I call glfwSwapInterval(10) then the screen flashes black and recovers, then about 10 seconds or so later the screen flashes black again. If I comment out glfwSwapBuffers then the window opens normally, but I’m wondering if it’s somewhere in my configuration that is causing this.

I built the tests and they run normally, which is why I’m confused by this.

I figured it out. You have to call glClear.

Glad you’ve resolved your issue.