Missing functions in pre-compiled dll?

geoman59 wrote on Wednesday, February 23, 2005:

A sure a quick re-compile could fix this, but first let me mention I’m using pascal rather then C, and therefore I lack any form of a C\C++ compiler.

Anyway it seems that several functions are missing in the precompiled dll in both the one downloaded from the stable package on the main site and the cvs one hosted here.

My program compiles fine, but windows complains that it cannot find the glfwSetTime entry point in glfw.dll. I noticed the spelling error in the pascal unit was fixed on the cvs version so I downloaded latest one instead and to keep everthing the same, I also got the latest pre-compiled dll.

Now it seems the all of the following functions are missing from the pre-compiled dll:

After running PE Explorer on the dll it doesn’t show these functions even exist in the dll. Has the pre-compiled DLL updated with the rest of the project?

kohaistyle wrote on Wednesday, February 23, 2005:

Talking personnally, this is surely caused by some non-updated files on the CVS, as


are some very new commands ( look at the 16 january news ). So the precompiled might lack some updates, as Marcus seems quite busy lately …

Fortunately, it shall be quick, as he’s very responsive also :slight_smile:

geoman59 wrote on Wednesday, February 23, 2005:

Yes, I noticed inthe changelog for the delphi header that the API version had increased. But the glfwSetTime was still missing in the CVS dll.

This most likely never came up before, assuming there is nothing horribly wrong on my end, as everyone seems to be working in C\C++ and have been compling the library code themselves.

I await the final verdict from Marcus. I don’t mind waiting… as a small test, does anyone have a compiled version of the latest release? A vanilla copy would be best so I could attempt to get rid any chance of something on my end messed it up. Thanks!