Unable to compile libraries

nobody wrote on Thursday, April 01, 2004:

I am unable to compile the GLFW libraries for Win32 MingW. While I’ve never compiled from the command line before, I’m fairly sure I’m doing it correctly.

I can see the list of supported compilers, and can run ‘make win32-mgw’ without errors, but no files are created.

Any ideas? Or is there somewhere I can download precompiled libraries?

kohaistyle wrote on Friday, April 02, 2004:

have you looked in the lib directory where you decompiled the GLFW archive ??

This is where you should find the compiled libs, if you use the supplied makefile.

You should find 3 important files :

- gflw.lib
- glfwdll.lib
- glfw.dll

If you don’t find them there, can you give us more hints about your setup, it might just be a path problem.

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nobody wrote on Saturday, April 03, 2004:

I have extracted the archive to c:\dev\glfw_temp.

I copied the make.exe file from my Dev-C++ bin folder into c:\dev and ran it via a console window (command line).

There were no ‘lib’ or ‘dll’ files created.

marcus256 wrote on Sunday, April 04, 2004:

Could you elaborate "without errors"? When you compile (type make win32-mgw), you should see a bunch of lines telling which files are compiled. The first couple of lines read like this on my system:

make[1]: Entering directory `F:/projekt/glfw/CVS/glfw/lib/win32’
gcc -c -I. -I… -Wall -Os -o enable.o …\\enable.c
gcc -c -I. -I… -Wall -Os -o fullscreen.o …\\fullscreen.c

Just a guess: have you set the PATH variable correct? Either do it in the environment variables (hard to find setting under Windows), or do:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Path\To\DevCpp\bin

(or similar) on the command line (you have to do it every time you start a new command prompt). You shouldn’t have to copy make.exe, it should be in the PATH.

nobody wrote on Sunday, April 04, 2004:

I have made the dev\bin directory a PATH.

When I say no errors, I actually mean no feedback at all. Nothing if printed. It does nothing.

marcus256 wrote on Monday, April 05, 2004:

Which system are you using? I seem to recall some problems with Win98 (bad path to the make program in the $(MAKE) variable). If so, try fixing it by uncommenting the line in the top level Makefile that says MAKE = make.

nobody wrote on Monday, April 05, 2004:

Yes! That’s it! It’s compiling right this minute. Thanks Marcus.

You may want to add something about it to the readme. I did a search in it for 9x and the only thing to come up was

"[Win32] Bugfix: Top level Makefile did not work under Windows 9x."

marcus256 wrote on Tuesday, April 06, 2004:

Yes, you are right. The best thing would be to fix it somehow in compile.bat (detect if the make program will execute at all, for instance).

It would be so much easier under Unix, since there everything is standardized, and you can do things like ‘rm -f’… Under Windows we are crippled by the utterly impotent and unstandardized command line interpetrer and commands.

But, I will add a comment in the Readme for now.

nobody wrote on Thursday, April 08, 2004:

i have msys and mingw32   under win98

when i run ‘make win32-mgw’ i have errors

$ make win32-mgw
.\compile.bat: @echo: command not found
.\compile.bat: REM: command not found
.\compile.bat: REM: command not found
.\compile.bat: REM: command not found
.\compile.bat: REM: command not found
.\compile.bat: REM: command not found
.\compile.bat: REM: command not found
.\compile.bat: REM: command not found
.\compile.bat: line 10: syntax error near unexpected token `(i’
.\compile.bat: line 10: `REM * Windows NT, 2000 and 9x (it’s easier to make a script/makefile’
make: *** [win32-mgw] Error 2

can you help me?

sorry for my english

nobody wrote on Tuesday, April 20, 2004:

Have you set up a PATH to the compiler?

In your C:\autoexec.bat file there should be a line that starts SET PATH=%PATH%;

add "C:\Program Files\Dev-Cpp\bin" to the end of it. Of course, it depends on where your copy of the compiler is.

marcus256 wrote on Tuesday, April 20, 2004:

Don’t use MSYS. It’s a Un*x-type shell and will not understand MS-DOS/Windows .BAT files. Set up the path to the MinGW bin folder and run the make from a normal command prompt (called MS-DOS prompt under Win98).

Also make sure that you are using the right make program (I believe MSYS and MinGW come with separate flavours of the make program), and under Win98 you may have to change the top level Makefile (see the comment about the $(MAKE) variable at the beginning of the file) because of a bug in the MinGW make program under Win98.