Need help with compiling GLFW dll/lib files

nobody wrote on Thursday, January 06, 2005:

Alright, I dont know too much about dlls, but from what I understand a dll needs a lib file that contains stubs for the functions and classes. When downloading GLFW, it came with dll files, but it doesnt have any lib files. Do I have to create a new Win32 Static Library project to create lib files for the c files in the lib\win32 folder (and what about the c files in the lib folder, do I create a lib file for that too)? But if I do that, it doesnt sound like it is going to create the lib file with stubs that will link to the dll file. As you can clearly see, I have very little idea of what I am supposed to do. Could someone clear this up for me? Also, what is a makefile?

sqweek wrote on Thursday, January 06, 2005:

A makefile plays an administrative role - it contains rules which explain (to the computer) how to create the target files (in this case the GLFW dll and libs), given the source files.
Meaning that once you’ve created a Makefile you just type a single command to compile your project (if set up right, it also uses timestamps to see which source files have been updated, and doesn’t bother to recompile things which haven’t changed).

Though it sounds like you’re using some flavour of IDE, so I could understand if you don’t appreciate the value of Makefiles :slight_smile:
Anyway, you need to compile GLFW to create the lib files. Check the readme.html file (which should have been in the archive you downloaded), section 2. And there is an important note in 2.1 if you are using MSVC++