In remote desktop W10 GLFW fails initialization

Running windows 10 pro Version 2004 latest build
Using version 3.3.2 of glfw
Compiled and linked the GLFW “hello” example.
works fine but
when using remote desktop in windows 10, with display res is 1280 x 1024.
window = glfwCreateWindow( 640, 480, “Hello World”, NULL, NULL);
returns NULL.
window = glfwCreateWindow( 1280, 1024, “Hello World”, NULL, NULL);
returns NULL.

it returns NULL
Application is C program, compiled with static libraries as a Windows console application in codeblocks.

			<Option compiler="gcc" />
				<Add option="-g" />
				<Add directory="../glfw-3.3.2/include" />
				<Add library="../glfw-3.3.2/lib-mingw-w64/libglfw3.a" />
				<Add library="libopengl32.a" />
				<Add library="libglu32.a" />
				<Add library="gdiplus" />
				<Add library="gdi32" />
				<Add library="ws2_32" />

When you are using Windows Remote Desktop, it does not give access to GPU. So all the OpenGL you’ll get is software renderer with GL 1.1 version from Microsoft. I guess GLFW does not work wit that.

To get GPU access in RDP you need to use something called RemoteFX which is available in Windows Server version. Alternative is to use different screen sharing solutions that capture actual desktop - for example, VNC or Google Remote Desktop - these two will give full desktop access remotely, including access to GPU, same as locally.

Another alternative is to use better software OpenGL implementation. For example, mesa has reasonably good llvmpipe implementation that works fast enough for simple applications. Not sure if they have binaries somewhere, you’ll probably will need to compile them yourself. Qt provides precompiled binaries for a bit older versions of mesa here: All you need to do is download opengl32sw.dll, rename to opengl32.dll and place it next to your .exe file.