Drawing in the xp system

I got problem in the xp system.
When i drag the A window to the front of B window.
I got something wrong with the picture show.

Then i test this operation in win7 system, it’s running well.
This is the picture running in win7 system.

I know the glfw support windows xp.

So, can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks!

Does this happen only whilst dragging the window A, or does it continue if you stop dragging?

When I was shot, I don’t have to drag it.
It happens all the time.

I’m not sure why you’re getting this, but it’s possible that it’s an OpenGL driver issue rather than a GLFW one. Have you tried other OpenGL applications which run in a window to see what they do?

It may help to know what GPU hardware and driver you have.

Ok,thank you.I’ll continue to find the reason.

Is the XP machine running inside VirtualBox?

Searching the web I can only find this issue on an old version of VirtualBox. Are you using Windows XP on a virtual machine by any chance?

As per my earlier question it would help knowing the GPU hardware and driver you have. You can get this information by running the glfwinfo test.

No, not running inside VirtualBox.

I have only one xp machine,i’ll find some one to help me test thie problem in other machine.
It will know if my machine has a problem.

Some days before, i have test a project(not in GLFW.sln) using glfw 3.0 inside VirtualBox, i remember got this err:

GLFWError #65537 Happen, The library is not initialized .
I can’t find where is wrong .So,after that ,i didn’t use VirtualBox.