How to change the height of the title bar (Windows)

Comparing the legacy notepad application (or a default GLFW one) with Windows Terminal, it can be noted that the height of the title bar is larger than the other. How were they able to achieve this? It is also apparent on other applications like Microsoft Edge and Figma.

They are probably custom drawing the entire titlebar. I see that’s on Windows 11, so I have no idea if MS has finally gotten around to build an actual API for that thing, but what’s been common previously, is to just simply custom draw the entire titlebar, mimicking the elements in original one. That’s why some applications’ window buttons kinda look off, sometimes. Contrast this with Cocoa, where a lot of this stuff is much easier, as you can control the titlebar much more there.

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Windows Terminal does indeed paint it’s own title bar as described in the Custom Window Frame Using DWM documentation.

This isn’t yet available in GLFW, though it might be able to be hacked on top using the GLFW Native Access API.

There are a few custom versions of GLFW which have altered undecorated windows in GLFW which might make it easy to add this functionality, for example see this post.

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