Windows 11 animations not working when GLFW_DECORATED is false

Thanks. That helped to get the minimize animation back, but now if i have maximized window, I minimize it and then restore the window, it creates a little titlebar-sized cap at the top. I’m gonna look into some hacky fix for that.
The thread you mentioned was helpful. The solution in there didn’t work but I realized I need to create my own alternative to GLFW with Windows API to get stuff working and wait till the GLFW gets the full borderless window features.
Too bad GLFW doesn’t support making fully functional custom borderless windows yet. Every modern desktop app is doing it (steam, UE5…, blizzard and many other game launchers). But lets hope with the new GLFW version some of the stuff gets added.

I found a perfect GLFW fork repo for my problem. It’s Cherno’s version that uses glfwWindowHint(GLFW_TITLEBAR, GL_FALSE); instead of glfwWindowHint(GLFW_DECORATED, GL_FALSE);. With that you can disable the titlebar and the resizing, animations and snapping are working as needed.