GLFW_REPEAT and GLFW_PRESS after key release

I can’t find an answer to this problem. i have a simple glfw window set up, to test the keyboard input using glfwSetKeyCallback() and glfwGetKey(). What seems to happen is when i release the keyboard key, the GLFW_RELEASE is triggered, and right after GLFW_PRESS is triggered again, followed by several frames in which GLFW_REPEAT is still triggered, and finally GLFW_RELEASE again and it stops.
this happens when i hold the key down for a few seconds, as one would in a game walking forward. This causes my character to continue walking forward, for sometimes several seconds, after releasing the key.
is there some function to clear the input buffer, on GLFW_RELEASE? or how should i handle it?
I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 on a macbook air, and C++ with the g++ compiler.

answering my own question, but i thought i share this, in case somebody else is frustrated.

Looks like i did find the issue. nothing with the programming at all.
i’m using ubuntu 18.04. in the settings/universal access/ under typing, Repeat keys, there is two sliders. the speed slider was kind of low. i turned it up and i got this ‘issue’ to go away.