Key callback being called incorrectly

Hello I’m using GLFW for input in my project and I’m using the glfwSetKeyCallback function and it is working fine detecting when a key is pressed and released, however when using some keys are held down after about 1 second the release callback is called, another weird thing about this behavior is that if 4 keys are held at once then only one will be incorrectly release called and the others will still work. If anyone could help me on why this is happening.

Hi @Brumus14,

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Are you certain it is called with GLFW_RELEASE and not GLFW_REPEAT?

This could be due to the keyboard not being able to handle multiple key presses, see this Wikipedia article on multi-key rollover.

If the above aren’t the issue it would be a good idea to test with the events.c test program to check if that has the same issue as your own code.

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That was the issue, I wasn’t checking for the repeat calls.