GLFW processInput threading

I have a python glfw example for opengl 3.3 I am looking at. there is a processInput function that is run inside a render loop for opengl so I can see why that when I push a key I get multiple GLFW_PRESS events each frame for however long the key was pressed.
So are the things that happen inside processInput on Python’s main thread or does processInput run in its own thread? I tried to track down an example of how to check which thread I am on in debug mode for Python however I still have not found a really good way to check that in visual studio code’s environment?

Is it documented how GLFW handles threading for keyboard input? Does everything in processInput work on Python’s main thread or does GLFW start processInput in it’s own thread?

GFLW does all the event processing from same thread where you created window and are calling glfwPollEvents function. It will never do threading somewhere else. I don’t know what Python bindings you’re using, they might use different thread, but then that is python’s bindings issue not glfw.