FULLSCREEN in The Tiling Window Manager (i3)

vstoanbc wrote on Wednesday, December 02, 2015:

Hello every one,

I just start to GLFW 3, and I know may not be the fullscreen mode in the tiling window manager like i3. But I have surprised The Wesnoth Game that can be a good fullscreen mode (GLUT). And then I test the demos are in Chipmunk physics engine which can be good fullscreen mode (GLFW 2.x). Well I don’t know why like that. The following codes I try to be fullscreen mode :

//GLFWwindow *window = glfwCreateWindow(800,600, "OpenGL", NULL, NULL);// Windowed
GLFWwindow *window = glfwCreateWindow(800,600, "OpenGL", glfwGetPrimaryMonitor(), NULL);// Fullscreen