Dragging a file from the app with GLFW


I’m unfortunately very unexperienced as a programmer to be able to do this myself so I’m mentioning this idea here in case if anyone else is interested looking into this.

Basically, setting a drag and dropable file from the application. I know there are some programs that do this but I was not able to find much from this topic. Here’s the only thing I was able to find. Search for the title Initiating a drag and drop


Would love to see a function for this purpose in GLFW!


Hi @UkkoPekka,

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There is already basic drag and drop functionality available in GLFW and an issue for more advanced events.

Whilst the current API doesn’t expose being able to drag a file from one app to another, it would be possible to do something similar with the clipboard API by setting a string path with one app and retrieving that with the other. This would mean using CTRL+C, CTRL+V or similar rather than drag and drop but could work for your needs.

Hi dougbinks!

Thanks! That clipboard method is definitely one way to go. I might go with that for now.

This was mostly a suggestion for anyone interested to look at in the future. Having the ability to drag a file from the application to other as a save method could be very intuitive for small tools that do not use save file dialogs.