Drag'n'Drop enter event


I wonder if it’s possible to know when a user enters the window with a drag’n’drop event?
What I want to do is to highlight areas of the screen where the user can drop and such.

Using the drop glfwSetDropCallback works fine for getting a callback when the user has dropped something, but I can’t figure out how to know if the user is “about to” drop something somewhere.


Hi Daniel,

We don’t have such a callback at the moment, and I can’t see an issue or PR for this.

There’s a possibility I might be able to work on this as it seems a useful addition, but I don’t know when - especially as I have an outstanding PR which may need extra work.

I think the first thing to do would be to file this as an issue, and if no one is able to pick it up I can volunteer and make a start.




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Hi Doug,

That sounds good. I will create a GH issue for it.

edit: Here it is Enter event for drag'n'drop · Issue #1898 · glfw/glfw · GitHub