Attach glfwWindow to a Canvas on JPanel

Hi, I am developing a GUI which uses a Splitpane to separate the graphic display panel and the display settings panel. For the graphic display I am trying to use LWJGL3 to do some 3D animation.

First I create a JPanel class and add a canvas to it. Then I want to create a glfwWindow and bind it to the canvas. However I found that it seems there is no proper way to do that. Has anyone known the tips to do it or is it just not supported by LWJGL3?

I have done some research but still am not sure about if this is right way to go yet. Your comments and advise are really appreciated.

Currently this is not possible with glfw. There is issue that tracks this:

Thanks for your reply mmozeiko.

So is there any other pathway or solution that we can use the LWJGL3 in Java GUI as an internal window for 3D display? Or it is still not available and needs further implementation? This information would be really helpful for me to make decisions for the future development.