Embedding opengl glfw context into wxGLContext?


I am beginner in this framework , im coming from Qt when it comes to desktop GUI .
i have question in Qt its was inpossible to Embedding glfw window into GLFrame .
who about wxWidgets? i have glfw app which i like to Embed into desktop GUI , what are my options ?
i saw this tutorial that do emmbed OpenGL window .

Please help.

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

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For a similar question please see the post “Attach A GLFWwindow To Windows Window Client Area?” and the related GLFW issue on creating a context for an open window.

Are you sure you want to use GLFW though, or do you just want to use OpenGL with wxWidgets? WxWidgets has wxGLCanvas which can be used for OpenGL rendering.

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Sounds like they have some code that is written to use glfw, but want to use it with wxWidgets. I suggest writing a small wrapper for the glfw calls to map them to the wxWidgets functions.