Will popup menu support be added to GLFW 3.0?

bertik wrote on Sunday, April 05, 2009:


First of all thanks for the great work and the time spend for making this great library.

I really like glfw and use it in a lot of conversions of some of my older glut projects. Since glut is really outdated and not supported anymore (even openglut and freeglut seem to be dead) i would like to use glfw alone since it is exactly what i need (non bloated, small for getting opengl context and basic input and output).

But what i am still missing from glfw is the easy to use popup menu that glut offers which is great if you just want to code some demo applications with easy to use menus (and which i think is one of the reasons that even a lot of new ATI / Nvidia developer demos still use glut) and which no other portable framework for OpenGL application development is offering.

So i just want to ask whether there is any popup menu support for GLFW 3.0 planned or any hope that someday it might be part of it ?

elmindreda wrote on Tuesday, April 14, 2009:

I agree that this would be very useful, but it’d also introduce massive dependencies on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.

bertik wrote on Tuesday, May 05, 2009:

Hi Camilla.

Thank you very much for your reply and i am very sorry for replying so late.

I think it would not add so much dependencies adding popup-menu support to glfw ever since i have looked at the freeglut sources lately.

As far as i understand their source code they only use pure platform-independent opengl-code for drawing the menu. Therefore they don’t need no external dependencies for this (no gtk, no qt or something). For getting the selected menu item they use their internal mouse position / button routines (which glfw already has). So with this approach there is not much which has to be added and it would not introduce dependencies which are not already there (opengl, plattform-specific mouse routines).

Maybe i missed something but you can have a look at "freeglut_menu.c" from the freeglut sources and see for yourself.

Thanks again for your time, for all the work you put in glfw and for making it free.