Why glfwGetJoystickName() return deferent name, in mac and windows

Hi i’m Yanai, from jp.
First, sorry about my poor English.

Environment : openFrameworks0.9.6 and 0.9.7 with GLFW3.1

I use this controller.

In mac.
glfwGetJoystickName() return “Elecom Wired Gamepad”

On the other hand
return “Microsoft PC-joystick driver”

Am i missed something?
Thanks for your help.

Your English is fine, many thanks for taking the effort to post here!

There’s no guarantee that glfwGetJoystickName() will return the same name on different OSs as the device drivers are different. However in the Windows case this name does seem to be not very useful as it’s the name of the driver and not the joystick - looking into this on the net it appears that Windows makes it awkward to get hold of the actual OEM joystick name properly in some circumstances - I don’t know if this can be fixed but will take a look into it, though I may not be able to reproduce the problem.

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GLFW 3.2 provides better names for gamepads on Windows.

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