Strange behaviour on Retina Macs

I am testing my game on a Mac with a resolution of 2560 x1600 and am getting some strange behaviour. The frame buffer size reported by glfwGetFramebufferSize is always 1650 x 1050, regardless of which resolution I set with glfwCreateWindow, or if I set GLFW_COCOA_RETINA_FRAMEBUFFER or not.
I do not understand why the frame buffer is 1650 x 1050. It should either be 2560x1600, or 1280 x 800 depending if retina is enabled.

The GLFW_COCOA_RETINA_FRAMEBUFFER setting seems to have no effect at all. The performance of the game is equally bad, if it’s enabled or disabled.

There appear to be a number of issues related to retina displays with the recent ARM Mac hardware (M1 etc.).

Thanks for the answer.
The mac that I am having problems with is actually Intel, not ARM

What version of OSX are you on, and what version of GLFW are you using?

If you haven’t yet tried using the latest from Github, then it would potentially be worth trying that.

However it looks like your issue is related to:

It might be worth reporting your OS, Mac hardware and test results there.

I am using latest release GLFW and OSX 12 something. Unfortunately, I only had temporary access to a friend’s machine, so I can’t really test it fully.

I only have macOS 10.13 and no retina display, so cannot investigate this issue myself. From what I recall there were changes in macOS 11+ which broke some features of GLFW, and this may be one of them.