Providing Precompiled Libraries

cozman wrote on Thursday, July 21, 2005:

In light of a recent post, and my experience with trying to explain to people why using GLFW would be better than Win32 basecode for their OpenGL apps, I think it would be beneficial to GLFW if there were precompiled versions made available.

I’d be willing to maintain gcc versions for Windows and Linux. I also wouldn’t mind doing the Visual C++ ones if nobody else is available (I have it but not installed on my PC at the moment)

I think it’d be a rather simple decision on how to do it, on windows distribute a zip with an include/ doc/ and lib/ folder. On Linux I’d distribute the .deb package I use that installs everything into /usr/include, /usr/lib and /usr/share/doc/glfw/. (An rpm could also be created by me via alien if people wish)

I’m probably going to do this via my own webspace shortly, but I think it’d be better for my universities bandwidth as well as visibility if they were hosted on sourceforge so I’ll need to hear Marcus’ opinion on the subject. (I have sourceforge experience so if you’re willing to give me release permissions on the project I could do this myself)

nobody wrote on Thursday, July 21, 2005:

I love you!