Problem with fullscreen on multi-dpi system

zajo wrote on Wednesday, October 28, 2015:

Hello, I can’t seem to get windowed fullscreen or fullscreen working on windows 8 where different monitors have different scaling. I have 3 monitors, 2 are 1920x1080, one is 2560x1600 (but physically smaller, a laptop screen). All is good using either 1080p monitor, but the laptop screen gets a much bigger window that exceeds that screen’s boundaries.

I do have a framebuffer size callback, in which I just call glViewport(0,0,width,height). When running on the high-res monitor, I get width=2560 and height=1600 (by the way… should I or shouldn’t I call the Windows function SetProcessDPIAware? I get the same result either way.)

What am I doing wrong?

Try the per-monitor-dpi branch.