OpenGL::GLFW perl bindings (alpha release)

I have just released a first (alpha/unofficial) release of
OpenGL::GLFW bindings from perl to GLFW. They
can be downloaded at

and browsed at

I would appreciate any feedback and/or testing of the
module from the GLFW user community as I haven’t
done much GLFW development and these bindings
are pretty much by the book.

The bindings are a bit raw as far as the GLFWimage,
GLFWgammaramp and GLFWvidmode types but I
believe they are workable.

As well, the implementation of the callback setting
routines do not return the previously set callback.
I’d like input on whether this is essential to implement
before an official release is made that could be added
to your list of language bindings.

Thanks much,

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It’s a relatively minor feature, so I wouldn’t require it. Are you planning to add it later?

Yes, the callback setter return values will be added.

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If that’s the only missing feature then I’d be happy to add it to the bindings table, especially as there is no other binding for Perl.