Novice with problems with Fedora 25 glfw-3.2.1

I am running Fedora 25 Astronomy Spin with using X11 and GLFW. Everything is run at root.

I downloaded glfw-3.2.1 and put it in a root director of the same name. I have check that cc , gcc respond to help. I used dnf instaled X11 .

As in the instruction, I tried both “cmake .” and “CMake .” However both showed said the command not found.

I seriously advise against that.

CMake is another program that needs to be installed, and it sounds as though you do not have it. It should be as simple as running dnf install cmake, I believe.

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I changed the top level to something other than root. Ok the next thing is software wants to have GLFW /glfw3.h. I follow the direction and the cmake does not do anything;

Can I just clarify; are you trying to compile glfw itself from source, or just compile a program that uses glfw?

As I said I am trying to use the Astronomy program Rebound starting with Fedora 25 Astronomy Spin. All of the example has plots of the results. The C examples use the GLFW / glfw.h. I have tried using dnf but it does not seem to give me the needed stuff.

The python examples are equally painful and need the GLFW / glfw.

I tried to walk my way thru the example source but there are multiple layers. I admit can not follow the source to the points where I can convert plots to data.

While I have be a Fedora fan for years, I am willing to find an alternative like OpenSuse or Ubuntu if this would make my life simpler.

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to compile C programs that require glfw development libraries. In that case you either need to install the distribution’s glfw-devel package through dnf, or compile and install glfw from source.

(Please note that I have not heard of Rebound, and have not used the Astronomy spin of Fedora; you might want to ask in a Fedora forum to get more specific advice)

In general it is a bad idea to mix packages from your distribution with self-compiled libraries, so I recommend the dnf option. These types of installation issues are not specific to Fedora, so I would not expect you to have an easier time by switching to another Linux distribution.