No .lib extension in glfw3 and glfw3dll can't link with Visual Studio

no .lib extersion.
i have to link this staticly.
how to fix this issue

What do you mean by “no .lib extension” ?
Windows zip downloads on page contains .lib files for various Visual Studio versions.

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what i mean was when i extract files from glfw Windows binary folder. glfw3.lib , glfw3dll.lib, files don’t have .lib extensions, it show me like glfw3 and glfw3dll so i can’t link that librarys. visual studio show that Library files not found. i change file name. and so on… noting is fixed.

[how i solve]
Advance settings in Folder View option
untick-> hide extensions for known file type.
after change this settings. extract that folder .lib extensions were shown and fixed that issue.
( changing the file name can’t fix this issue, xample: glfw3 -> glfw3.lib)