Help with GLFW library files


I’m completely new to GLFW and not a terribly skilled programmer or system’s administrator. I’ve followed the installation guide and ran CMake to try and build the libraries. I only got a warning that ‘Visual Studio 6" generator is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of CMake’. I wrote a tiny C file which compiled but on the instruction: glfwInit(); I get a linking error:-

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _glfwInit

I’m looking for the usual lib files but can’t seem to find one which coresponds to glfw3.h. I can see the function prototype in there. Should there be a lib file, where should it be, or is it simply available elsewhere so I can simply pop in into my project folder? I’ve used OpenGL before and that’s what I do with glut etc.

Thanks in advance.

You should take a look at the GLFW: Building applications guide for Visual Studio which shows which libraries you need to link. These should have been made by your cmake build, so you’ll need to add library path in link options to where they were placed.

Note that Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition is free for most people, and will be easier to get help with. The last time I used VS6 was a long time ago.

Thank you for your reply and suggestion.