MacOSX problems

nobody wrote on Thursday, October 26, 2006:

I am developing cross platform game using glfw, and I have run into a problems with MacOSX. On Windows everything works fine. But in MacOSX glfw gives me two problems:

1) glfwInit() can be called only once. After I call glwfTerminate(), call to glfwInit() returns GL_FALSE. Is this expected behavior?

2) Mouse input is different from Windows version. When mouse cursor is invisible, I can move mouse how far I wish and it will receive correct coordinates on Windows. But on MacOSX I can receive coordinates until mouse gets to edge of screen. It is still invisible, but when I click the right button of mouse then cursor appears near edge of screen (that is in windowed mode). But in fullscreen mode I just can move mouse till edge of screen. In docs there is written that mouse is not limited to window size, correct?

Martins Mozeiko

martins.mozeiko [at]